About Us

Cap Més is an Istanbul-based platform, founded in 2020 by Anıl Hasan DAMA and Burak TAŞDELEN, featuring a retail space and lifestyle brand for men and women. Customers using the most new communications and computer technology to provide solutions to world-class Cap Més TEKSTİL is a long time in this world and in Turkey also aims to become one of the largest apparel companies. Founded by DAMA and TAŞDELEN partnership, said Hasan Checkers textiles from family It was inspired by the Catalan word meaning "No More" in the name of Cap Més, a company established as a result of the partnership of Burak TAŞDELEN with his knowledge and success in the field of trade.

Cap Més Tekstil is an organization that has adopted the principle of being among the most reliable and preferred companies in its sector and has adopted a quality and customer satisfaction policy. Founded in 2020, this company has aimed to be one of the best in the clothing industry for many years. Cap Més Tekstil has adopted the understanding of always aiming to be a pioneer in innovation by creating the clothing style of the age in fashion. As Cap Més, we have both Men's and Women's collections. Cap Més appeals to the luxury market with its sports concept that offers men's and women's collections in a comfortable and stylish lifestyle. We serve our customers through our capmes.com sales site, our valued store partners we carefully selected, and various shopping sites we have developed in the clothing industry.